Was the Virgin Conception an Invention of Jewish Christians?

I’ve been writing lately about the “virgin conception” of Jesus. Is this an essential truth claim of Christianity? Is it reasonable Jesus could have been conceived in such a miraculous way? Was the “virgin conception” borrowed from mythologies that preceded Jesus? If the “Virgin conception” is true, why didn’t Paul …

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L’ateismo Confutato Dal Libero Arbitrio

The Existence of Free Will Is Best Explained by God L’ateismo confutato dal libero arbitrio Ispirato liberamente, tradotto liberamente e rielaborato da “God’s crime scene” (cap.6) del teologo Warner Wallace Premessa 1: L’ateismo ha come unica diretta conseguenza il materialismo (naturalismo), o meglio, cause materialistiche, quindi non personali Premessa 2: …

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