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Cold Case Christianity

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner and Susie Wallace

9780781414579_HIAre Your Kids Sure Christianity Is True?
Children between 8 and 12 are at the critical age when they start to ask if Christianity is true. Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace knows the thrill of high-stakes investigation and presents the case for Jesus in a compelling way while training kids “how to think, not just what to think” as they examine their faith intelligently.

J. Warner and Susie Wallace have been training young people in the church setting for over a decade. J. Warner is a cold-case homicide detective who has been featured on Dateline, FOX News, TruTV and other crime related television shows. A former atheist, he is the author of Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith. J. Warner has a master’s degree in theological studies, and Susie has a master’s degree in speech pathology.

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids includes author illustrations, and is supported by an interactive website that allows kids to download chapter activities and “case note” fill-in sheets. When these are successfully completed and assembled in an “Academy Notebook,” readers will be qualified to earn a Cold-Case Academy “Certificate of Merit.” Plus, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids follows the same chapter sequence as Wallace’s adult book, Cold-Case Christianity, so parents and children can discuss and explore the evidence together, chapter by chapter.

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids will help readers learn about conspiracy theories, test witnesses, and use the “Chain of Custody” as they investigate the evidence for Jesus. You can download and read a FREE sample chapter (Chapter 3: Think Circumstantially) by clicking THIS LINK, and you can purchase the book HERE.

If you’re a children’s pastor, small group leader, or teacher, we’ve assembled everything you’ll need to effectively communicate the case for Christianity to kids. If you’ve ever had to develop curriculum, or make a presentation of this kind, you know the important questions:

  • “How do I begin to assemble and outline the information?”
  • “How do I present the information visually?”
  • “Is there an example to help me understand how to make the presentation?”

Now you can answer these questions and make the case to your class, small group or congregation. All you need are the books, Cold-Case Christianity and Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, and the following free materials:

ccc4k-teaching-outlines-1Teaching Instructions:
1. Simple instructions to help you develop and prepare the material
2. Reading instructions to guide you through the two books as you prepare to teach each session
3. Questions to help you facilitate talks with your kids

ccc4k-teaching-outlines-2PowerPoint Presentations:

1. Simple, easy to use, PowerPoint files for each session
2. Each chapter from the kids book is fully presented
3. Images from each chapter are animated so they can be presented to your kids

ccc4k-teaching-outlines-3Introduction Videos:

1. Short videos related to each session as delivered by J. Warner
2. These videos can be played for students prior to beginning each session
3. The videos are downloadable so you can show them in the classroom

We’ve assembled the PDF Instruction Document, PowerPoint Presentations, and Video Introductions to help you prepare and deliver the truth about the reliability of the Gospels.


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If you’re wondering what others are saying about Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, check out these reviews:

“I wish you could see J. Warner Wallace speak at one of our Summit Ministries sessions. Teens and adults alike are on the edge of their seats as he shares about being a cold-case detective, seamlessly weaving in evidence for the truth of the gospels. That’s why I was delighted to see his and Susie’s new book, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids. Today’s kids are smart. They have big questions. They want evidence. They love being challenged to think. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is a great family read-aloud, but don’t be surprised if your kids want to read ahead. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids will inspire them to seek truth, to love Jesus, to have a new fascination with the Bible, and to become the kinds of truth detectives who can make a difference in our world.”

Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President, Summit Ministries

“J. Warner and Susie Wallace have succeeded in writing a book that is the perfect trifecta – drawing kids into the story of Jesus, encouraging them to investigate and learn about Jesus’ story, and giving them the tools they need to stand by their Christian faith. This book offers our youth a solid foundation for their faith, which is a priceless commodity and raises up a generation of Christian leaders for our communities.”

Jordy and Emily Nelson, Parents and Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers

“Here’s a creative, clear, and compelling primer that will sharpen the reasoning skills of kids. They’ll love the detective approach to the evidence for faith!”

Lee Strobel, best-selling author of The Case for Christ

“J. Warner and Susie Wallace have written a book that will engage your children in an interesting new way. Helping our kids learn how to think rather than what to think is key to raising well rounded, stable adults. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids will help your kids stand tall for the Truth no matter what challenges they face in life.”

Melissa Joan Hart, star of God’s Not Dead 2

“When I read Cold-Case Christianity, I wished it had been available when I first examined the Christian faith. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids combines the wisdom and excitement of detective investigations with the case for Christianity, and it’s written by parents who have been training students for years.  If you want your children to be ready to defend the truth about Jesus, this book is essential.”

Josh McDowell, apologist and author of Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door