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Cold Case Christianity

ALIVE by J. Warner Wallace

Cover 1Investigate the Resurrection Like A Cold-Case Detective
Real-life detective stories dominate headlines, movie marquees, and television schedules around the world. Many of us consider ourselves amateur detectives, eager to solve the mysteries of television crime shows and the evening news. But what would happen if we applied the skills of a cold case investigator to the claims of the New Testament?

For thirty five years, Cold Case Homicide Detective, J. Warner Wallace, rejected the New Testament claims about the resurrection of Jesus. But after applying skills he learned as an investigator, he eventually became skeptical of his atheistic skepticism.  When he decided to apply his skills as a detective to the claims of the New Testament, he came to a startling realization: the case for Christianity was as convincing as any case he’d ever worked as a detective!

Have you ever questioned the resurrection or know someone who has? Follow along with J. Warner Wallace as he examines the most important case in all of history. You’ll learn how to think like a cold case detective and share the compelling evidence that Jesus truly is… ALIVE!

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J. Warner Wallace illustrated ALIVE to help you understand the process of Abductive Reasoning so you can apply it to the Resurrection of Jesus. With this brief chapter from Cold-Case Christianity, you’ll be equipped to defend the reasonable nature of the Resurrection, especially when compared to alternative explanations.

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Excerpted from J. Warner’s bestselling book (Cold-Case Christianity), ALIVE is a concise, accessible summary of the case for the Resurrection, sized and priced perfectly to use as an effective apologetics reminder, and Easter encouragement or a timely evangelistic tool.


ALIVE Alive ten packis only 48 pages long and is designed as a resource for churches and individuals to share throughout the Easter season and beyond. Order ALIVE in packages of 10 and begin sharing the most important message of all…the truth of the resurrection.

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