Objections of Atheism

When It Comes to the Meaning of Life, the Question is Not “What”, But “Why”


I’ve written before about the importance of recognizing the role of the Creator in determining life’s purpose, but as a non-believer, I had little problem determining the purpose of my life. As a man who rejected God’s existence, I was comfortable assigning meaning to my life. What was the purpose …

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Do Denominational Disagreements Falsify Christianity?

denominational disagreement

A common objection to Christianity focuses on the denominational differences existing between the numerous Christian sects we see across the globe. If there is one Christian God, why are there so many different denominations of Christians? Does the existence of numerous (and contradictory) versions of Christianity prove Christianity is false? …

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Does Christian “Hypocrisy” Falsify Christianity?


A common objection to Christianity often sounds something like this: “Christians do not practice what they preach. They say one thing but do another. If the Christian God exists, He doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to transform His followers. For this reason, I don’t believe the Christian God exists.” …

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