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The Insignificant Differences Between Fetal Humans and Human Toddlers

If human life begins at the point of conception (as indicated by science and Scripture), are there any disqualifying differences between humans in the womb and humans outside the womb? Are fetal humans less human than toddlers? Is there status as human persons less certain? If so, why? Stephen Schwartz first identified four differences between fetal humans and …

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If You Don’t Like Abortion, Don’t Have One

A post at Stand Up For The Truth describes the efforts of “progressive Christians” to “use the Bible to promote abortion”. The article cited at the Christian Left Blog (entitled, “The Bible Tells Us When A Fetus Becomes A Living Being”) included a statement from an abortion advocate that I hear more and more …

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If It’s a Human at a Crime Scene, It’s a Human in the Womb

When I first started working as a police officer, DNA evidence was extremely rare. Criminalists, when processing crime scenes, relied far more on fingerprints to identify suspects than they did DNA. Over the years, forensic criminalists improved their ability to collect and process DNA evidence. Today, DNA evidence is commonplace. If I’ve got a piece of evidence at …

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