How the Curse of Knowledge Can Become the Cause of Cursing

I follow and post in several Christian internet groups. Some of them are evangelistic groups, some are theological, and some are philosophical or apologetics based. Some groups are simply people who love Jesus and want to talk about Him. I enjoy reading the posts, but like others who visit or …

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Four Character Lessons From a Godly Football Coach

A few years back I spoke at Bethel University and had the chance to visit with several students and professors afterward. Campus Pastor Laurel Bunker invited me to teach as part of their Tru?tworthy Chapel series. I challenged the student body to go the extra mile to learn why Christianity …

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Can We Trust the Prophecies of Joseph Smith?

There is an unfortunate legacy of false prophecy related to Joseph Smith, the “prophet” and founder of Mormonism. Just type “False Prophecy of Joseph Smith” into any search engine and you’ll discover what I mean. But there appears to be some confusion surrounding Joseph’s prophesies, and neither Mormons nor non-Mormons …

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