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There Are Still Good Reasons to Celebrate Father’s Day, Even Though Fewer Do

Fewer people celebrated Father’s Day than ever before, a fact that may have less to do with the nature of the holiday than it does with the nature of American families. A recent U.S. census found that the percentage of children living in single parent households increased from 12% in …

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Why Religious People Live Longer Than Everyone Else

The Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science (SPPS) recently released a study demonstrating that religious people live longer. The study observed that “self-reported religious service attendance has been linked with longevity,” and confirmed this by examining obituaries from 43 U.S. cities. Researchers found that religiously affiliated people lived between 5.64 …

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Try As We Might, It Won’t Be Easy to Abandon Our Religious Identity

The number of self-proclaimed Christians is shrinking in America. I’ve been collecting data on this trend for over ten years, and the surveys reveal an important truth: Fewer people claim a Christian affiliation than ever before, and those who claim no religious affiliation are the fastest growing group in America. …

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