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Is Salvation Really a Free Gift?

Free Gift

The Bible talks a lot about grace, the unmerited favor God shows us when he saves us from our sins and grants us salvation. But our material, visual world encourages us to observe and measure our progress in every aspect of life, and many of our friends and family are …

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The Biblical Case for Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

I’ve been investigating murders for over 20 years, and along the way, I’ve learned to appreciate the importance of language selection. Consider the following three statements: “The Nuggets killed the Lakers last night. They beat ‘em by 25 points.” “I love this comic; he always kills me!” “I deeply regret …

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Why Does It Matter What We Believe About the Holy Spirit?

Why Does It Matter What We Believe About the Holy Spirit

As Christians, our understanding and definition of the Holy Spirit separates us from other believers using similar terms. A proper understanding is important because it defines us as Christians and helps us understand how to respond to God’s Spirit. In this sense, the truth about the Holy Spirit has definitive …

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