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Learning from Academics Who Left Mormonism

Most of my readers know my personal connection to Mormonism; I have six half-brothers and sisters who were raised in the Mormon faith. When I first become interested in Christianity, I investigated the claims of the gospels simultaneous to my investigation of the Book of Mormon. While the gospels passed …

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Help Your Students Learn About Mormonism

My Friend, Eric Johnson has been an important source of information for many years. With the heart of an evangelist and a true love for Mormon believers, Eric moved his family to Utah and devoted his life to reaching Mormons with the truth. He’s written a number of great books …

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Resources to Help You Respond to Mormonism

I have six half brothers and sisters who were raised in the church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). When I first became interested in the existence of God and the reliability of the Bible, I committed myself to a simultaneous investigation of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. What …

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