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What Was the Shape of Jesus’ Cross?

Recently, after speaking at large conference, I was approached by a man who asked a question about the shape of crucifixion cross of Jesus. He’d been approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses who challenged the traditional shape of the cross. They argued the Greek word for “cross” (stauros) simply meant an “upright …

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10 Important Questions for the Jehovah’s Witness Worldview

In yesterday’s post I provided a brief overview of the Jehovah’s Witness worldview to show how it answers the three most important questions addressed by any worldview (“How did we get here?”, “How did things get so messed up?” and “How do we fix it?”). But how do we know …

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A Brief Overview of the Jehovah’s Witness Worldview

Every worldview has to answer three important questions. First, “How did we get here”? This question is obviously foundational to how we see the world around us and how we understand our role in the world. Secondly, “How did things get so messed up?” All of us know there is …

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