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How Verifiability Separates Christianity from Every Other Religious Worldview (Video)

What is the one distinctive difference between the Christian faith and other world religions? How should this critical difference guide us as we share Christianity with others? In this clip from J. Warner’s class on the Resurrection (offered at Southern Evangelical Seminary), J. Warner provides several tools and strategies for …

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The Case for the Resurrection is Stronger Than You Might Think (Video)

J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Paul Strand of CBN News for this video recorded at the Truth For A New Generation Conference prior to Easter weekend. J. Warner discusses the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus along with Josh McDowell and Alex McFarland. For more information about Paul Strand’s …

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The Truth About Easter: Is the Resurrection A Late Legend?

At the age of thirty-five, I was a skeptical detective at a large municipal police agency in Los Angeles County. I was also a committed atheist. I accepted several historical facts about Jesus of Nazareth – that he lived in the first century, preached sermons, was crucified by the Romans, …

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