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How to Make the Case Like a Case Maker

Every year at the CrossExamined Instructors Academy (CIA), dozens of students courageously offer their own “apologetics” presentations to those of us who had been assembled as evaluators, coaches and trainers. Prior to these talks, we take the time to help the students understand the proper structure of public presentations of …

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Strategies for Becoming a Better Christian Case Maker (Podcast)

J. Warner talks with Frank Turek about several strategies to become a better “one dollar apologist”. Jim taught at Frank’s CrossExamined Instructor’s Academy (CIA) in August and learned several important principles related to becoming a better Christian Case Maker. Jim conducted this interview for Frank’s radio show and this is …

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Tips From the 2013 CrossExamined Instructors Academy (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner talks about his recent trip to Frank Turek’s CrossExamined Instructors Academy and offers several insights on becoming a better Christian Case Maker, including tips on how to use your vocation to influence the Kingdom and how to structure an “apologetics” presentation. Jim also answers listener …

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