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The Latest Discovery About the Universe Points to an Even Greater Mystery

A new study published in the Astrophysical Journal has created a controversy of sorts among cosmologists and astrophysicists. New observations suggest that the rate at which the universe is expanding may be different depending on how far back we look at distant stars and galaxies. Two contradictory sets of data …

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Does Science Point Toward God? (Interview with Melissa Cain Travis)

Much has been written about the alleged tension between faith, reason, and science. Much of this has to do with the accepted definition of “faith,” and some of the tension results from a misunderstanding about the proper role of evidence when drawing proper inferences. Melissa Cain Travis has been thinking …

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The Best Reason to Celebrate Earth Day: There’s No Place Like Home

On April 22nd, 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day to raise awareness about environmental pollution. Nearly a half century later, Earth Day has reportedly become a global event, attracting nearly 1 billion people to service projects and celebrations. Over these past 50 years or so, scientists have been …

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