The Top Ten Cold-Case Christianity Articles of 2013

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The Top Ten Cold-Case Christianity Articles of 2013This seems to be the season for top ten 2013 lists, so I checked our web stats and I’ve compiled the top ten articles in the last year at 2013 saw the addition of 260 new articles, and these were the most popular:

#10 – Stop Teaching Young Christians About Their Faith
There’s a difference between teaching and training and when it comes to preparing students, the Church needs to shift toward training.

#9 – The Big Thing About the Big Bang
What’s the most important “take-away” from Big Bang Cosmology? What does the theory tell us about the origin of the universe and the existence of God?

#8 – A Brief Sample of Archaeology Corroborating the Claims of the New Testament
The archaeological evidence supporting the claims of the New Testament is incredibly robust. Here are a few of the highlights.

#7 – The Verse the Culture Misquotes Most Regularly in an Effort to Quiet Christians
Does Jesus’ command in Matthew 7:1 prevent Christians from judging others? What did Jesus mean when he said, “Do not judge so that you will not be judged”?

#6 – Why The Pre-Jesus Mythologies Fail To Prove Jesus Is A Myth
Here are four simple strategies to separate fact from fiction when it comes to alleged similarities between Jesus and ancient mythologies.

#5 – I’m Not A Christian Because It Works for Me
I’m a Christian because I want to live in a way that reflects the truth. I’m a Christian because my high regard for the truth leaves me no alternative.

#4 – Preparing Kids to Encounter Atheism Online
From the amazing Natasha Crain, some simple steps to help ready our children to engage a non-believing world on the Internet.

#3 – Investigating Bart Ehrman’s Top Ten Troublesome Bible Verses
A look at Bart Ehrman’s list of troublesome verses in an effort to examine how they impact the reliability of the New Testament text.

#2 – Are Young People Really Leaving Christianity?
Some deny the flight of young people altogether, but the growing statistics should alarm us enough as Church leaders to do something about the dilemma.

And here it is, the most popular article posted in 2013:

#1 – Four Self-Refuting Statements Heard on College Campuses Across America
A collection of the four most popular self-refuting statements uttered by college professors, along with some advice on how to respond.

Well, that’s it for this year’s list. Thanks for the opportunity to interact on some of the most important issues facing Christianity. We truly appreciate your readership!

J. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity

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