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How to Evaluate Alleged Bible “Contradictions” (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #21)

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner describes several important principles to consider when evaluating alleged Bible “contradictions”. J. Warner uses the example of the sign over Jesus’ cross to demonstrate how these simple investigative principles can be employed to determine if Biblical passages are truly contradictory. …

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How Many Angels Were Present At Jesus’ Tomb?

This week I’m examining several alleged Bible “contradictions” offered by skeptics as evidence against the reliability of the Gospel eyewitness accounts. In my prior post I investigated the variations between the reports of the sign over Jesus’ cross, and shared several investigative principles I use when examining eyewitness testimony. I’ve …

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Why Are There Four Versions of the Sign on Jesus’ Cross?

It’s not uncommon for skeptics of Christianity to point to differences between the New Testament Gospel accounts as evidence of corruption or unreliability. I’ve discussed many of these alleged contradictions in my talks around the country, and I’ve written about many of them here at ColdCaseChristianity.com. One example sometimes offered …

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