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Why a Christian Response Needs to Be Different Than a Mormon Response

Last week I had the opportunity to train a group of high school students in preparation for an upcoming Berkeley Missions trip. These students will spend the next eight weeks learning about the evidence supporting the Christian worldview and examining many of the most popular objections to Christianity. Since we

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The Comparatively Rich Archaeological Corroboration of the Old Testament

When I first began examining the claims of the Book of Mormon, I was an atheist who had just become interested in the person of Jesus. As a skeptic, I understood the importance of corroborative evidence when trying to determine if a witness statement is reliable. I began looking for

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The First Question to Ask of an Ancient Holy Book: Is It Ancient?

Many of the world’s best known religious texts are silent when it comes to claims about history. Many Eastern religious scriptures, for example, describe spiritual principles devoid of historical location or setting. Texts such as these are proverbial in nature, proclaiming ancient wisdom without any connection to historical context. The

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The Important Differences Between Christianity and Mormonism (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner reviews his recent Utah Missions Trip and talks about several important points of contrast between Christianity and Mormonism, including the distinct differences related to the nature of Jesus, God and Salvation

The Salvation Equation: The Simple Relationship Between Faith and Works

I just came home from a week in the great state of Utah. Our missions team of high school students had the opportunity to talk with many LDS and Christian believers about the nature of salvation. Many of our conversations centered on the relationship between faith and works. Christianity is

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What Does Mormonism Teach About Salvation? (Podcast)

J. Warner is in Utah this week with Sean McDowell and two dozen high school students. It’s the perfect time to replay a classic blast from the past! In this podcast, Bill McKeever, from the Mormon Research Ministry, teaches one of J. Warner’s mission teams about the nature of salvation

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Ethical Behavior: Does Motive Matter When Considering “Good Works”?

Imagine the following scenario: While standing next to a young man on a street corner, you both watch as an elderly woman cautiously attempts to cross the street. She stumbles at one point and falls to the ground, right in the middle of the crosswalk. Before you even have the

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Mormons Are Not Christians Because the Mormon Jesus Is Not the Christian Christ

I am one of three Jim Wallace’s in my family. My father and son bear the same name, and all three of us are police officers. I often say that we are the “George Foreman’s” of law enforcement; we’re not very creative when it comes to names. If someone asked

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