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Cold Case Christianity


Three Truths About the Impact Jesus Had on History (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast S7E17)

Three Truths About the Impact Jesus Had on History
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Does Jesus still matter in our culture today? Was his impact on history significant enough to warrant our attention? What does His impact tell us about Him? Is Jesus history’s most significant “person of interest”? J. Warner answers these questions in this episode of the NRBtv Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast.

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For more information about the impact Jesus and His followers had on science, read Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible. This unique and innovative book makes a case for the historicity and Deity of Jesus from history alone, without relying on the New Testament manuscripts. It contains over 400 illustrations and is accompanied by a ten-session Person of Interest DVD Set (and Investigator’s Guide) to help individuals or small groups examine the evidence and make the case.

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J. Warner Wallace is a Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker and best-selling author. He continues to consult on cold-case investigations while serving as a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is also an Adj. Professor of Christian Apologetics at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and a faculty member at Summit Ministries. He holds a BA in Design (from CSULB), an MA in Architecture (from UCLA), and an MA in Theological Studies (from Gateway Seminary).



  1. Brando

    July 16, 2021 at 6:37 pm


    As an agnostic and Libertarian I found the video interesting.The influence of Jesus on Western civilization is overwhelming:

    1.His elevation of the Golden Rule/Law of Reciprocity (“Love your Neighbor like Yourself”) to the level of LAW=law of God ( repeated in the NT by James and Paul), and his belief that humans are in the IMAGE of GOD

    resulted in the specifics of the Human Rights Declaration in 1789(by a sincere Catholic,the Marquis de Lafayette)

    and in 1948 (2 of the 3 writers of the UN Human Rights Declaration in 1947 were practicing Christians: Eleonor Roosevelt ( Episcopalian) and Charles Malik (Lebanese,Catholic),while the other was a Confucian( Pen Chun Chang) ). The Golden Rule is the essence/basis/ guiding principle/ first principle of the various human rights ( freedom of speech,of assembly, of religion, etc).


    1.According to the Nazarene: humans have souls in the Image of God. In ISLAM all humans also have SOULS but Not in the Image of God.

    2.In the Greco-Roman religions: humans had souls and lived after death,but not in the image of God. In HINDUISM,people have souls, are reborn, but not a soul in the Image of God.

    3.The Result: in Islam Muslims have More Rights than Non-Muslims,in 1990 the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation:today it includes all the 57 Muslim countries )

    published the CAIRO Declaration of Human Rights,where they said the UN human rights were SUBJECT to Islamic Law(Sharia). Sharia goes against Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Religion. It advocates Death for Apostates of Islam ( law that exists in 13 Muslim countries).

    And 25% of those in Hinduism are DALITS/UNTOUCHABLES, who yes,they have a soul,but no caste, and are the lowest of human trash, mistreated.

    JEAN MESLIER (died 1729) AND JOHN LOCKE ( Father of Classical Liberalism and the Age of Enlightenment)

    1.First of all: 95% of our decisions are based on what is in our SUBCONSCIOUS, cultural elements,experiences we have received.

    2.LOCKE(died 1704) was a sincere Christian who at first accepted slavery ( he drafted the Constitution of Carolina,which legalized slavery in 1669) but later rejected slavery) ,

    and who advocated separation and independence of the Executive and Legislative Powers, and also Separation of Church and State.

    He, based of the argument that humans were created by God in his Image,and guided by the Golden Rule,stated all are born with 3 natural rights: right to Life, to Liberty,and to Property. Locked began the Age of Enlightenment.

    Meslier was a French priest who when he died left a 633 page book(Testament) where he:

    1.Gives arguments in favor of athesim.

    2.Advocates communism.

    3.Calls Jesus a “fou,insense et fanatique”( crazy,madman,and fanatic)

    YET,YET ( 100% Independent of Locke)

    As I said before,95% of our ideas come from our subconscious: Meslier knew all about the soul=Image of God, and Golden Rule=Law of God. He NEVER heard or read Locke and his 3 rights of man(for all men).

    Yet he knew the basis that had inspired it: so in his Testament he proclaims that All MEN are EQUAL.


    3 of them ( Voltaire,Hume and Kant) were(at the same time) AGAINST slavery and the slave trade,

    and of the belief that Blacks are Inferior in Intelligence to Whites.

    Leftists call them racist,however,they had been Raised as Christians and as I said before,95% of our ideas come from our subconscious: all 3 knew all about the soul=Image of God, and Golden Rule=Law of God.

    So they NEVER advocated: denying Blacks the 3 natural rights of Locke.They Never advocated Legal Discrimination of Blacks.

    It is because of the Influence of the Nazarene.

  2. Brando

    July 22, 2021 at 5:06 am


    As an agnostic I would like to add that the Specific Formulation of what constitutes HUMAN RIGHTS ( Freedom of Speech,of Assembly,Religion,etc) only appeared in Western culture due to the influence of Jesus of Nazareth:

    his belief all people are in the IMAGE of GOD,and that we should behave according to the LAW=Golden Rule/Law of Reciprocity.


    Leftists and Muslims resort to HOAXES, and unless you Really Investigate….you will NEVER find out.


    He was the founder of the Mali / Mandingo empire,with TIMBUKTU as its capital,and he converted to ISLAM, and EVERYWHERE you go on the internet you see it stated:

    1. In 1235 Sundiata created the Manden Charter which is the FIRST Declaration of Human Rights(yes, they say it).

    2. In that charter Sundiata,the Muslim, FORBIDS SLAVERY.

    3.This charter was ORALLY transmitted for CENTURIES till it was written down in the 20th century.


    I remember reading a book by an African scholar on slavery and he stated the Manden Charter was a Fabrication.

    In this Scholarly Analysis it is stated:”Did Africa Invent Human Rights?” by Jean-Loup Amselle ( 2013)


    ( At the end of the article it has a BIBLIOGRAPHICAL list,so anybody can verify)

    The charter was written in 1949 by Souleymane Kanté (1922-1987), a Guinean marabout.


    The article says the charter is:

    “A kind of oral codex “invented” for the most part by Kanté himself, given that the latter admits that the griots were INCAPABLE of formulating it.”


    “This oral codex, therefore, underwent a two-fold transformation: on the one hand, it became the object of transcription and of a written transformation into the kind of “list” that transcription typically produces;

    on the other hand, it was REFERRED BACK to a distant past, to 1236, which date, as we have seen, is a TOTAL INVENTION.”


    “Fixing the oral codex in writing and dating it to the Sunjata era makes it a “false archaism” ”


    “Henceforth, the African version of human rights is presented as being contemporary with if not anterior to the English Magna Carta (1215-1297). It is worth pointing out that if the Magna Carta establishes, almost by inaugurating it, the FREEDOM OF THE INDIVIDUAL as opposed to the arbitrary authority of the despot,

    it is difficult to find an equivalent in the Mandingo tradition prior to the Souleymane Kanté texts”


    As a Muslim Sundiata surely knew the Koran makes the EMANCIPATION of slaves CONDITIONAL ( it is Not For All Slaves),IF the MASTER thinks the slave DESERVES freedom.It is in

    CHAPTER 24:33:

    ” And those who seek a contract [for eventual emancipation] from among whom your right hands possess (My Note: SLAVE)– then make a contract with them

    IF you know there is within them GOODNESS”

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