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“Jim would be my first choice for inviting to a men’s retreat or an apologetics weekend. He’s a great speaker and brings a cold-case detective’s perspective to apologetics. He’s winsome and knows his stuff.” – Brian Auten, Apologist, Podcaster, Writer and Host of

Trying to figure out which Christian speaker you should book for your event? I understand how difficult it is to find the right person. As a detective, pastor and Christian Case Maker, I hope to communicate difficult concepts in a straightforward way and to teach people how to apply the rules of evidence as they examine the claims of Christianity. I’ve spoken at large and small events all over the country. I hope this page will help you get the information you need to make a wise choice for your event. I’m honored that you would consider me.  Should you decide to use me as a speaker, please contact Matt at (719) 955-9607 or email him at to check my availability and speaking requirements.


Who Is J. Warner Wallace?
I’ve been speaking publicly for over 15 years, from small seminars to keynote appearances at major national events. My investigative work as a detective has been highlighted on local and national television programs like Dateline, Fox News and Court TV. In fact I’ve been on Dateline more than any other detective in the country. I also host a weekly television show on NRBTV and appear in God’s Not Dead 2.

I have an interest in the arts and attended California State University at Long Beach, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design. I then earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. As a result, my presentations are designed to be powerfully visual in nature. I try to use my background as an artist to communicate difficult concepts in a captivating way.

I served as a police officer and detective for over 25 years. I worked as a Patrol Officer, served on a street level narcotics unit and SWAT, worked the Gang Detail and a career criminal surveillance team, and eventually became a Robbery / Homicide Detective. I have been investigating Cold-Case Homicides exclusively for many years. As a result, my presentations employ the techniques that I’ve learned as an investigator. I try to use my background as a detective to teach audiences about the nature and power of evidence.

I was a committed atheist until the age of thirty-five, but once I became a Christian, I quickly became interested in Christian theology. I entered seminary at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies (I am presently an Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at BIOLA University). My presentations are rooted in the classic, orthodox truths of Scripture. I try to use my background as a pastor to encourage audiences about the reliability of the Bible and the evidence for God’s existence.

I’m also an author. I’ve contributed articles to the Apologetics Study Bible for Students, and I’m the author of Cold-Case Christianity (and the related booklet, ALIVE) and God’s Crime Scene. I’m presently working on my third book and a series of children’s books. I’ve been with my wife, Susie, for thirty-seven years; we have two boys and two girls. In our spare time we run, enjoy the beaches near our home in Southern California and take walks our trusty Corgi, Bailey.


Where Does J. Warner Speak or Teach?
I try to create winsome and highly visual presentations. As a result, I think I’ve been able to effectively communicate with a wide variety of age groups across the country. I’ve been a keynote or session speaker in diverse settings, including the following:

Regional and National Conferences
I’ve been honored to serve as a keynote speaker at a number of conferences around the country (and Canada), including the National Conference on Apologetics, Apologetics Canada Conference, Prepare the Way Conference, Smart Faith Conference, reThink Apologetics Conference, 5 Words Apologetics Conference, Disciple Now Conference, Ray Ciervo Apologetics Conference, Engage the Mind Conference, EIS Apologetics Conference, and the Faith Beyond Belief Conference.

College Campuses and Ministries
I’ve also partnered with Ratio Christi, Cru, and Intervarsity to make the case for Christianity at dozens of university campuses, including Rutgers University, Ohio State University, Arizona State University, University of Kentucky, Sam Houston University, South Dakota State University, Pepperdine University, San Jose State University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina Charlotte, and Appalachian State University.

Church Sponsored Seminars
I can also help local churches develop and offer apologetics conferences for their respective communities. I’ve created customized seminars for many groups, including Lemont Calvary Church Apologetics Seminar, First Baptist Church Apologetics Seminar, Living Oaks Apologetics Seminar, Church Everyday Youth Apologetics Seminar, and South Valley Community Church Apologetics Seminar.

High Schools and Youth Academies
I love working with students, and I’ve been an active participant and teacher in many settings, including Summit Worldview Academy, The Kings Academy, Capistrano Valley Christian School, Santa Fe Christian School, ACSI Leadership Summit, Maranatha Christian School, and Upland Christian Academy.

Youth Groups
My presentations are visual and active enough to be effective with younger audiences. I teach youth groups frequently, including the youth ministries of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Saddleback Church, Crossline Community Church, Green Bay Community Church, Voyager’s Church, and Valley Christian Church.

Local Church Services
I speak at church services often and I’ve been behind pulpit at a number of large (and small) churches in the United States and Canada, including North Coast Calvary Chapel, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Green Bay Community Church, North Metro Church, Southwest Community Church, Liquid Church, First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, Westview Bible Church, Real Life Church, New Life Church, Pacific Coast Church, and Living Word Free Lutheran Church.

Camps and Retreats
I’ve trained and taught students and adults in a variety of extended camp and retreat settings, including Hume Lake Christian Conference Center, Sawtooth Camp, Twin Lakes Camp, Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, Twin Rocks Conference Center, and Timberlake Ranch Camp.

Special Events
I am often asked to speak at fundraisers and special events such as CrossExamined Instructors Academy, Bonita Christian Forum, North Carolinians for Home Education Conference, and the National Police Appreciation Week.


What Topics Does J. Warner Teach?
I speak on a number of topics related to the evidence supporting the Bible’s reliability, the existence of God, and the orthodox claims of Christianity. My goal is to work with you to create an event that will encourage, train and prepare your attendees. You can either book me for a Forensic Faith Seminar, or for any of the following topics. Keep in mind that I’ve presented these topics in just about every format you can imagine, from short informal talks to multi-session keynote speeches:

The Case for Truth
Making a case for objective truth claims and tolerance
(60 minutes – full media)

The Cold-Case Reliability of the Gospels
Examining the eyewitness reliability of the Gospels
(90 minutes – full media)

The Cold-Case Difference Between Artifacts and Evidence
Examining the textual variations of early Biblical manuscripts (utilizing a mock crime scene)
(90 minutes – full media and crime scene)

Cold-Case Resurrection
Examining the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus
(90 minutes – full media)

Belief “That” vs. Belief “In”
Discovering the power of (and gaining confidence from) the Christian evidence
(60 minutes – object lesson)

God’s Crime Scene – The Cumulative Case for God’s Existence
Examining eight pieces of evidence in the universe that point to the existence of God
(90 minutes – full media)

God’s Crime Scene – The Cosmological Evidence
Examining the origin and fine-tuning of the universe as evidence of God’s existence
(60-90 minutes – full media)

God’s Crime Scene – The Biological Evidence
Examining the origin of life and the appearance of design in biology as evidence of God’s existence
(60-90 minutes – full media)

God’s Crime Scene – The Mental Evidence
Examining the existence of consciousness and free agency as evidence of God’s existence
(60-90 minutes – full media)

God’s Crime Scene – The Moral Evidence
Examining the existence of objective moral truth and the problem of evil as evidence of God’s existence
(60-90 minutes – full media)

Who’s Waiting For Your Kids?
Examining the cultural environment facing young Christians
(60-90 minutes – full media)


What Can You Expect from J. Warner?
My foremost goal is to respond to the needs of your group while developing a long-lasting working relationship. Here’s what you can expect from me:

1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone and email inquiries.

2. A personal phone call with me prior to your event, so we can talk at length about your needs and desired goals. I want to know how I can serve you and your audience.

3. An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels (if, of course, your event is open to the public and you want the visibility).

4. A customized resource page, provided to your attendees after the event. I will include links to FREE articles, Bible inserts, audio and video files related to the topic I covered at your event.

5. A quick follow-up communication after the event, to make sure I met your expectations (I also want to know how you think I can improve).


How Would We Promote An Event With J. Warner?
I’ve developed a number of materials to help you understand what I do and help you promote your event. The following press kits and promotional materials should be helpful:

Press Kits
This link will connect you to extensive color press kits explaining who I am as a speaker and author

This link will connect you to a variety of photographs you can use to promote your event

Promotional Videos
This link will connect you to promotional videos you can use in church services or on websites to promote your event

Content Videos
This link will connect you to extensive videos of my work in a variety of settings. While not for public use, they’ll give you an idea of who I am and what I do

What Is J. Warner’s Availability?

Take a look at J. Warner’s schedule to see if he’s available for your planned event:

If my schedule doesn’t permit me to speak at your event, I hope you will consider one of my speaking partners:

Mark Mittelberg
Few people have the breadth of knowledge or the pastoral heart to speak about a variety of apologetics topics like my friend and co-worker, Mark Mittelberg. He’s the author of many classic, influential Christian books, including Becoming a Contagious Christian, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask, and Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation for Your Beliefs.

Frank Turek
If you’re looking for a strong and reasonable presentation of the evidence for Christianity or Theism, Frank Turek is your man. Frank has been making the case on universities for several years and is the author of two incredibly important Christian books: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist, and Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case.

Tim Barnett
Tim and I have been speaking at youth events together for several years. He shares my passion for visual presentations, and as a high school science teacher, he understands the challenges facing young believers. Tim is a member of the Stand to Reason speaking team and he’s an extremely experienced communicator.

Mark, Frank and Tim have my personal seal of approval. If I’m not available, Matt (at (719) 955-9607 or can book one of them in my place to make sure your event is successful.