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  1. Hi,
    I’m relatively new to your broadcast.
    I would consider myself one of those 1 dollar apologists
    (Hope I got that right)
    Anyway ,I defend my faith as best I can but I’m not skilled at knowing how to find reliable resources.
    I’ve have been posed a question / challenge recently in a comment section to a video on Utube
    “Strange things are happening in New Zealand” comments section and then comments to Jahtar Sadiq’s comment
    This has come from an atheist/Jesus myther.He claims that 1John 5:7-8 isn’t in older Greek manuscripts nor in the oldest Latin Vulgate nor in earliest church letters
    I doubt he’s looking for the truth but for others ,who might be , I would appreciate any help you can give me with a response as well as to uncovering the evidence for myself.
    Do I read about the Latin Vulgate ? I can not give answers on what I haven’t studied but I’m willing to study the case made by both sides. I have requested the resource where he quoted from and name of the author
    I’m I missing the forest for the trees,help me see how I’m am to address this challenge
    With thanks in Christ and let iron sharpen iron!!

  2. Good day Mr. Warner,

    Can you please apply the principles of cold case investigation to the institution of Sunday worship in the christian church? I want to know if the change of the day of worship is biblical. Thank you.

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