Cold-Case Christianity Small Group Curriculum by J. Warner and Susie Wallace

Can You Make the Case for Christianity?
J. Warner Wallace knows how to investigate claims about the distant past. As a cold-case detective, J. Warner investigates specific types of criminal events:

1. Events that occurred in the distant past
2. For which there are typically no living eyewitnesses
3. And little or no direct physical evidence

These cases are made by examining the nature of circumstantial evidence and assembling a convincing, cumulative circumstantial case. The claims of the New Testament Gospels can be similarly investigated:

1. The gospels record events that occurred in the distant past
2. For which there are no living eyewitnesses
3. And no direct physical evidence

The tools used by Cold Case Investigators can be applied to the New Testament gospels to determine if the facts they represent are a true record of the life of Jesus.

Learn to Be A Good Detective
The Cold-Case Christianity Curriculum Kit will:

  • Provide 8 interactive video sessions to teach you principles of Cold Case Investigations and equip you to use these concepts as you consider the claims of the New Testament gospel authors. These simple principles will give you new insight into the historic evidence for Christianity.
  • Provide you with a four step template to evaluate the claims of the gospel writers. The Cold-Case Christianity Curriculum Kit will teach you how to evaluate eyewitnesses to determine if they are reliable. You’ll then be able to employ this template as you examine the claims of the gospel eyewitnesses.
  • Provide you with the confidence and encouragement necessary to make an impact on your world. As your evidential certainty grows, so too will your desire to share the truth with others. The Cold-Case Christianity Curriculum Kit will equip you to reach others with the truth.

As a seasoned detective, J. Warner Wallace will share his personal journey from atheism to Christian certainty while describing the essential components of eyewitness reliability, abductive reasoning and the rules of evidence. Here is a sample video from lesson one:

Here are some sample pages from the Cold-Case Christianity Curriculum Participant’s Guide:

Designed to be used in small groups in a variety of settings, the Cold-Case Christianity book, interactive Participant’s Guide, Facilitator’s Guide and DVD will help participants come away with fresh insight and the ability to articulate what they already intuitively understand from their cultural familiarity with homicide investigations. You’ll also be able to apply this renewed understanding to the case for Christianity.  Purchase the Curriculum Kit TODAY!