The Top 10 Cold-Case Christianity Videos from 2016

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It’s that time of year again: the time for “Top Ten” lists of one kind or another. In my last post I listed the top ten Cold-Case Christianity articles of 2016. This time around I’m offering the ten most popular videos hosted here on our website (and on our YouTube page where you can join 3,822 weekly subscribers who have viewed our videos 350,310 times). I’ve listed the videos in reverse order (for dramatic effect):

Cold-Case Christianity Video #10:
Why Christians Need to Understand the Nature of Circumstantial Evidence
How are these two forms of evidence used in criminal trials, and what can we learn from their use to help us make the case for Christianity?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #9:
How Eternity Changes the Problem of Evil
Evil is always measured and evaluated in the context of one’s life and experience, but what if our understanding and definition of life is inaccurate?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #8:
Can We Examine the Universe Like A Crime Scene?
Can all the evidence in the universe be explained from causes “inside” the universe? If not, what does this tell us about the nature of the “external” cause?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #7:
Why We Know the Story of Jesus Isn’t A Legend
How can we be sure that the story of Jesus wasn’t changed over time?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #6:
Why Christian Parents Need to Send Their Students to Summit Worldview Conference
Now, more than ever, young Christians need to attend Summit Worldview Conference in Manitou Springs Colorado.

Cold-Case Christianity Video #5:
Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?
Did Jesus really die, or was he just unconscious? Did he resurrect or was he simply resuscitated?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #4:
Why It’s Important for Every Christian to Be A Christian Case Maker
All of us need to be better Christian Case Makers, especially if we have kids.

Cold-Case Christianity Video #3:
How Free Agency Helps Answer the Problem of Evil
If God is loving, wouldn’t He create a world in which love is possible? And wouldn’t such a world require free agency?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #2:
How the Definition of Love Helps Answer the Problem of Evil
If God is loving, why would He allow bad things to happen to the people He loves? Does the definition of love help answer this question?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #1:
How Do You Determine If Someone Is Willing to Hear About Jesus?
What do we do when someone appears to be antagonistic to the message of the Gospel?

There you have it! On Friday I’ll post the top ten Cold-Case Christianity Podcast/Broadcasts for 2016. Enjoy these ten videos in the meantime…

J. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, and God’s Crime Scene.

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