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Cold Case Christianity


The Top 10 Cold-Case Christianity Videos from 2015

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Top Ten VideosIt’s that time of year again: the time for “Top Ten” lists of one kind or another. In my last post I listed the top ten Cold-Case Christianity articles of 2015. This time around I’m offering the ten most popular videos hosted here on our website (and on our YouTube page where you can join 2,755 weekly subscribers who have viewed our videos 226,298 times). I’ve listed the videos in reverse order (for dramatic effect):

Cold-Case Christianity Video #10:
How Strong is the Cumulative Case for God’s Existence? (Video)
What is the strength of the cumulative case for God’s existence? What is the nature of cumulative cases and what role does diversity play in establishing the strength of an inference?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #9:
How Do We Verify the Validity of the Gospels? (Video)
What is the four-part template detectives use to determine eyewitness reliability? Can this template be applied to the Gospels?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #8:
How Consciousness Points to the Existence of God (Video)
How does non-material consciousness emerge in a purely material universe? Is “mind” nothing more than “brain”?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #7:
What Insights Can We Gain from Paul’s Interaction with Philosophers on Mars Hill? (Video)
What is the nature of truth, and what role does evidence play in establishing the truth claims of Christianity?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #6:
How the Origin of Life Points to the Existence of God (Video)
Has science answered the question of life’s origin? How do scientists tackle the “chicken and egg” problems related to the origin of life?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #5:
When Do We Have Enough Evidence to Know Christianity Is True? (Video)
What is the role of evidence in determining truth claims? When we can be certain we have sufficient evidence to believe something is true?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #4:
Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church in Their College Years (Video)
What three factors contribute to the departure of young Christians during their university years?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #3:
Why Are So Many Young People Leaving The Church? (Video)
Why do so many young Christians take a break from the Church in their college years? What are the factors involved in the flight of young believers?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #2:
Why Do We Believe the Gospels Are Reliable? (Video)
How do detectives determine if a witness is reliable? Can these investigative techniques be applied to the authors of the Gospels, and, if so, would these authors measure up?

Cold-Case Christianity Video #1:
Why We Need to Stop Teaching (and Start Training) Young Christians – Part 1 (Video)
What is the important difference between teaching and training? How can a shift in our thinking help young Christians learn how to defend their faith?

There you have it! On Friday I’ll post the top ten Cold-Case Christianity Podcast/Broadcasts for 2015. Enjoy these ten videos in the meantime…

J. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene

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