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Cold Case Christianity


ChalliesTim Challies

“J. Warner Wallace’s Cold-Case Christianity may well be ‘The Case for Christ’ for a new generation.” (more…)


IngrahamLaura Ingraham
The Laura Ingraham Show

“This book is fascinating… it really is accessible. Thank you for writing this book, I love it; I think it’s great.” (more…)


McDowellSean McDowell
Worldview Ministries

“A terrific job of translating tough apologetic issues…in a way that they can be both understood and remembered.” (more…)


ComfortRay Comfort
Living Waters Ministries

“May God use J. Warner Wallace and his fascinating and thought-provoking book to reach many for the Kingdom of God.” (more…)


TurekFrank Turek

“(J. Warner) has done something that no one else has done in a book… (it’s) unique to Christian apologetics.” (more…)


ParshallJanet Parshall
In the Market with Janet Parshall

“This is the kind of book you stop, you linger, you ruminate, you read it again, and you really become honed in your skills.” (more…)


MefferdJanet Mefferd
The Janet Mefferd Radio Show

“I love new approaches to apologetics and this (approach) has never come across my desk before… this is a great book.”  (more…)


JohnstonJerry Johnston
100 Huntley Street

“This is a hot book; in the world of apologetics, this book is standing out right now.” (more…)


ChavezDebbie Chavez
The Debbie Chavez Show

“A fascinating book, a stroke of brilliance, an interesting and refreshing approach.”  (more…)


SharpMary Jo Sharp
Houston Baptist University School of Christian Thought

“I hope you will pick up a copy of this book for yourself and one to share with someone else!” (more…)


MorrowJonathan Morrow
Think Christianly

“You will find yourself swept into the evidence surrounding the most famous crime scene in history.” (more…)


AutenBrian Auten
Apologetics 315

“Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace is my nomination for book of the year 2013.” (more…)


SBedardtephen J. Bedard
Hope’s Reason Ministries

“J. Warner Wallace’s first book, Cold-Case Christianity, is the apologetics book that we have been waiting for.” (more…)


GrossChad Gross
Truthbomb Apologetics

“I believe Cold-Case Christianity is the best book I have read to date on the reliability of the gospels and the NT.” (more…)


GilsonTom Gilson
Thinking Christian

“The book is one of the most readable arguments for the faith I have ever encountered.” (more…)


RawlingsMatt Rawlings
Pastor Matt Blog

“This book is already an early candidate to be my favorite for the year and I highly recommend it.” (more…)


DulleJason Dulle
Theo-sophical Ruminations

“I would recommend this book to both the apologetics novice and experienced apologist alike.” (more…)


OldsJosh Olds
Life IS Story

“A tremendous resource for Christian laypeople and leaders… an excellent apologetic tool.” (more…)


SimsMatthew Bryan Sims
Grace for Sinners

“Also a great book for small group discussion. I plan on buying a stack of these.” (more…)


HarlanDon Harlan
MyLife Journals by Don

“I expect this book to be referred to with the likes of ‘Evidence That Demands A Verdict’… or ‘Mere Christianity’.” (more…)


MannKen Mann

“J. Warner Wallace is to be commended
on many levels”


LeonhardtRoger Leonhardt
Reformed Reader

“This is probably the best classical apologetic book
I have read.”


MyersJeremy Myers
Till He Comes

“Extremely fascinating and informative
to read.”


GheenA. C. Gheen
ACGheen Ministries

“Wallace’s skill as a story teller is surpassed only by his common sense approach to apologetics.” (more…)


NixLuke Nix
Faithful Thinkers

 If one is an apologist or pastor or small-group leader, this book needs to be on your shelf.” (more…)


JohnsonDon Johnson
Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries

“Cold Case Christianity is a great read and I highly recommend it.” (more…)


JenkinsDave Jenkins
Servants of Grace

“This would be a great book not only for the Bible college or seminary student for all Christian readers.” (more…)


WhitmoreDawnielle Whitmore
Dawn’s Dialogue

“J. Warner Wallace’s, “Cold-Case Christianity” should be a definite addition to your reading list.” (more…)


WrightMike Wright
Mike’s Mind Barfs

“Kudos to J. Warner Wallace who has put together a book that is both educational and fun!” (more…)


NienhuisJoan Nienhuis
Book Reviews from an Avid Reader

“I have read many books on apologetics and this one is the most interesting I’ve seen… Great work Wallace.” (more…)


FurchesJoel Furches

“The book sucks the reader in from the start by giving a dramatic example from Jim’s own police career.” (more…)


PetersNick Peters
Deeper Waters

“This juror will put Cold-Case Christianity right up there alongside Case for Christ.” (more…)


RomanoJenn Romano
Where There’s a Lil’ Blog

“Wallace provides a thoughtful and rational look at the choice of faith which anyone can appreciate.” (more…)


YapDr. Conrad Yap
Panorama of a Book Saint

“With skill and practical steps on how to crack a case, Wallace integrates his detective learning with apologetics.” (more…)


WalingaDel Walinga
Christian Police Association

“I will read it again and again, applying its logic until I have a personal ownership.” (more…)