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Cold Case Christianity

Additional Resources to Investigate the Faith

The Colson Center for Christian Worldview
The Colson Center is a Christian worldview ministry that seeks to build and resource a movement of Christians committed to living and defending Christian worldview in all areas of life. Jim serves here as a Senior Fellow and contributes as an author, teacher and speaker.

Biola University
Biola University is a private Christian university located in Southern California. For over 100 years, Biola — a community where all faculty, staff and students are professing Christians — has been committed to biblically centered education, intentional spiritual development and vocational preparation. Jim serves here as an Adjunct Professor of Christian Apologetics in the Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics degree program.

Summit Worldview Ministries
Summit Ministries is an educational Christian ministry responding to the current post-Christian culture. Jim contributes here as a faculty member at the Summit Worldview Conference (Colorado campus).
Led by Frank Turek and other Christian apologists, exists to address the problem that 3-out-of-4 Christian youth leave the church while in college, many because they are intellectually skeptical. Jim contributes here as a blog author and instructor at the CrossExamined Instructor’s Academy.

Christian Apologetics Alliance
The Christian Apologetics Alliance is a group of Christian bloggers with a common desire to seek, love and serve God with all of our minds, and to be prepared to give a reasonable answer for why we believe as we do to those seeking Jesus Christ. Jim contributes here as a blog author.

Conversant Life is a content and social media experience that delivers engaging content on faith and culture.It is a place where people can access content and connect with a community of believers and spiritual seekers on a variety of culturally relevant topics such as Creative Arts, Film, Music, Spirituality, Global Concerns, Relationships and more. Jim contributes here as a blog author. is a group of writers and editors with a passion for giving people access to what is enduringly Christian. We believe that God’s truth should be available to everyone. Thus, a vision of accessible orthodoxy inspires and drives us to help people around the world know God and better understand the Christian faith. Jim contributes here as a blog author. exists to remove intellectual impediments to Christian faith, thereby enhancing believers’ confidence in, and weakening skeptics’ objections to, the gospel message. Jim contributes here as a blog author. exists to freely share the good news from God to the entire world so you can know the truth about life and eternity. provides free access on the Internet to the finest, most trustworthy biblical truths and materials.  Jim contributes here as an article author.
The mission of Evidence for God from Science is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage skeptics to examine the truth claims of Christianity. Jim contributes here as an article author.

The Poached Egg
The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Journal is a website founded and edited by Greg West. Greg features many of Jim’s articles.

Ratio Christi
Ratio Christi is a non-profit organization encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christian students at universities around the world through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics. Jim speaks at many Ratio Christi events and is a featured speaker for the organization.

Anchor Apologetics
Founded by Matt Walker, Anchor Apologetics is a ministry specifically designed to answer the big questions of life, provide direction for young people trying to understand what God intends for them, and help people defend what they believe as Christians. Jim contributes to Anchor Apologetics as an article contributor. examines the Christian Worldview from the perspective of a prosecutor. It seeks to equip believers, encourage seekers and engage skeptics by providing them with the reasons why Christians believe what they believe. Jim founded this ministry and Albert Serrato is the chief contributor as a blog and article author.