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Pre-order the book that will help you answer the question: “How do I teach what I’ve learned about Christ to today’s youth?” 
As the debate over worldview enters new territory, this guide will help caring adults reach and engage a younger generation that’s under assault from secular culture. As believers, we’re concerned because we’re watching a generation disengage from the church. Christian parents, youth leaders, and educators who work with Generation Z strive to share what they know about Jesus in ways that make sense but struggle to relate to the unique perspectives and connected life that permeates this youngest generation. Written by two youth influencers and experts on Generation Z, Sean McDowell, PhD, and J. Warner Wallace, So the Next Generation Will Know is an extraordinarily practical guide for anyone concerned with ensuring the next generation embraces and lives a biblical worldview.

Pre-order So the Next Generation Will Know now to get special resources!
We’ve got an amazing set of resources for people who pre-order the book prior to May 1st, 2019. Just pre-purchase the book on Amazon, then send a copy or screenshot of your receipt to You’ll receive the book when it releases on May 1st (or shortly before the release date) and you’ll immediately receive a link that will allow you to download and keep the following resources:

Free Digital Copy of Cold-Case Christianity
So the Next Generation Will Know is a “how to” book designed to help you teach what is true about Christianity to the next generation. But, what is the truth you need to pass on? In Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace makes the case for the reliability of the Gospels.

Preview Video
We’ve created a “sneak peak” of the So the Next Generation Will Know DVD Curriculum set so you can get an idea of what both the book and curriculum provide. This video is an exclusive offer, unavailable anywhere else.

PDF Youth Training Articles
We’ve assembled 25 training articles that will help you learn how to engage, inspire and train young people with the Christian worldview. These articles are timely and applicable if you’re a Christian parent, youth pastor or educator.

Audio Discussions and Youth Leadership Tips
We’ve also compiled 15 important MP3 audio podcasts and interviews specifically addressing concepts from the book and strategies to help you raise up the next generation of Christian believers.

Youth Training Video
This special video presents a critical strategy for reaching Gen Z with the gospel and helping them to grow in their confidence of the Christian worldview. The video – in it’s entirety – is previously unreleased. It will help inform and inspire you.

Gen Z PowerPoint Presentation
Finally, this PowerPoint presentation will teach you about the unique characteristics of Gen Z, and you can even use it to teach others what you’ve learned. The presentation is visually engaging and informative.

Pre-order So the Next Generation Will Know and send your receipt (or proof of pre-order) to We’ll send you these important learning and teaching resources as a “thank you” for your support and interest. This offer expires on May 1st, 2019.