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How to Protect Your Students from Bad Ideas (Interview with Jeff Myers)

My friend John Stonestreet often says, “Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims.” No truer statement has ever been made, because no time in American history has presented young Christians with more ideological risk. You already know this if someone in your family is attending university. But while it’s …

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The Challenges Facing Young Christians

Every other week, from May to August, I have the honor of speaking with students at Summit Worldview Academy. I typically teach on the nature of truth, the reliability of the gospels, and the evidence for God’s existence. The students are eager to learn and have many good questions during …

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Are Your Christian Students Ready for College?

My good friend and partner in mission, Jonathan Morrow has been an inspiration and source of information for many years. Few people have dedicated themselves to the cause of equipping and encouraging young Christians as has Jonathan. He’s the author of Questioning the Bible: 11 major Challenges to the Bible’s …

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