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How to Protect Your Students from Bad Ideas (Interview with Jeff Myers)

My friend John Stonestreet often says, “Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims.” No truer statement has ever been made, because no time in American history has presented young Christians with more ideological risk. You already know this if someone in your family is attending university. But while it’s …

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Young Christians Need Worldview Training (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #90)

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner describes the challenges facing young Christians and introduces his viewers to Summit Worldview Conferences. This premiere program teaches high school students a robust, all-encompassing Christian worldview. J. Warner includes “behind the scenes” video from Summit as he describes why all …

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Why Christian Parents Need to Send Their Students to Summit Worldview Conference (Video)

Are your students ready to face the challenges of university life? Do they understand their Christian worldview well enough to defend it in a hostile setting? Do your kids process the questions of life through a clear, reasonable Christian lens? Now, more than ever, young Christians need to attend Summit …

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