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The Essential Nature of the Virgin Conception

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, I’ve been thinking a lot about the birth of Jesus and the Christian claims related to His conception. The “virgin conception” is an essential belief of the authors of Scripture and the early Church. It is listed in the earliest creeds as an …

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Religious Expression Ought to Be Timely

I’ve lived in the same city for nearly twenty years now, and there’s a tradition here every Christmas season. The city allows religious expression at a street intersection in our town. It’s become a distinctly festive portion of the city during the weeks leading up to Christmas; it’s heavily decorated …

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Merry Christmas From Everyone at Cold Case Christianity!

As a twelve year old (and ever the entrepreneur), I began making signs in the tradition of my grandfather, Warner. Here was my Christmas effort. Yes, I know, I know, it doesn’t say “Merry Christmas”, but remember I wasn’t a Christian for another 23 years! From the Wallace’s to all …

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