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Why It’s Important to Guard Against Your Presuppositions

When I was an atheist, I held many presuppositions that tainted the way I investigated the claims of Christianity. I was raised in the Star Trek generation (the original cast, mind you) by an atheist father who was a cop and detective for nearly thirty years before I got hired …

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Stepping Toward the Christian God With A Wallet and a Dollar

I’ve been writing about an object lesson I used with my father several years ago to describe why God’s existence is reasonable. I used this illustration while I was waiting with him at a waterpark (my kids were little in those days), and I was limited to what I had …

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The Journey from Skepticism to Certainty (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner discusses his personal journey to Christianity with Frank Sontag from KKLA 99.5 Los Angeles. Jim spent an afternoon with Frank talking about atheism, Christian theism and the journey from one to the other. Jim also talked about the nature of the Church in America and …

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