You Can Ban All the Symbols, But Without God, There Wouldn’t Be a Classroom

Across the country, school districts are removing symbols of religious belief. In Kenosha Wisconsin, for example, school authorities recently told a fourth-grade teacher to remove any “Christian symbolism” from her classroom, including a picture of the American flag that displayed the words “God Bless America.” In Glendale Arizona, school officials …

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The Shifts Behind the Shootings

During briefings as a patrol officer, I scanned the crime reports from the prior week, looking for patterns, trends and changes. If, for example, I discovered an increase in car burglaries on the west side of town, I would ask the simple question: What shifted in the past few weeks …

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Dating Jesus: When Did He Rise from the Grave?

As Easter season arrives each year, national attention turns toward the Resurrection of Jesus. Sadly, most news outlets treat Jesus skeptically during this important Christian season, challenging if he truly lived and if he rose from the grave. In the midst of this skepticism, however, it’s not unusual for someone …

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