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Were David and Jonathan Lovers?

For generations and generations, Jewish and Christian believers have pointed to the relationship between young King David and Jonathan (heir apparent and son of King Saul), as a model of brotherly love and devotion. For thousands of years, scholars and devoted believers have seen David and Jonathan as nothing more …

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Is Jesus A Pacifist?

Many Christian pacifists cite the words of Jesus to argue He would never condone any kind of deadly force (in spite of the obvious justifications for killing allowed by the Old Testament Law). They typically cite the following passage (from the Sermon on the Mount) to make their case: Luke …

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Does Christianity Require Pacifism?

At a time when the world is still divided by war and conflict, Christians have a duty and responsibility to examine our position related to the use of deadly force. As a homicide detective, this issue has been at the center of my professional life for over twenty-five years. In …

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