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The Road to the Future We Want, Passes Through the Past We’ve Forgotten

Imagine a world with fewer bullies, less violent crime, less poverty, fewer teenage pregnancies, greater academic excellence, higher self-esteem and less narcotic use. Most of us would welcome such a world (regardless of political persuasion, philosophical or theological worldview), even though we may disagree on how to achieve it. While …

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So Who Did You Thank on Thanksgiving?

Like most Christian holidays, Thanksgiving has become a secular institution in America, moving from a meaningful religious celebration to a benign cultural tradition. This is the case for most other Christian holidays as well. Let’s face it, Christmas is more about Santa than Jesus, and Easter is more about the Bunny …

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The Three D’s of Tolerance

Of the many self-refuting statements offered on college campuses across America, perhaps the most dangerous for Christians is the new definition of “tolerance”. Like all worldviews, Christianity offers an explanation for reality that excludes many other options. If Christianity is true, other views of the world that deny the existence …

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