Christian Case Making

The Top 10 Cold-Case Christianity Broadcasts from 2015

Happy New Year and thanks again for a GREAT 2015! We are slowly growing the number of unique visitors to the website, and we expect to have approximately one million unique visitors next year. Thanks for making us a regular part of your Internet experience. I’d also love to …

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The Top 10 Cold-Case Christianity Articles from 2015

Thanks to all of you for another great year here at Our readership continues to grow as we have doubled our unique visitors per month since January. That’s actually saying a lot, given the fact much of 2015 was spent illustrating and finishing God’s Crime Scene. As I am …

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Great Resources for Defending God’s Existence

Last Friday I posted a list of resources to help you make the case for Christianity. That list was borrowed from Cold-Case Christianity. Today I’d like to offer a short list of resources from God’s Crime Scene designed to help you make the case for God’s existence. In God’s Crime …

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