Will We Have the Freedom to Sin In Heaven? (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner reflects on his recent trip to Summit Worldview Academy and answers listener email related to teaching apologetics curriculum, the nature of free will and sin in heaven and the necessity of hell. Subscribe to the Cold-Case Christianity Weekly Podcast on iTunes, or add the podcast …

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Tips From the 2013 CrossExamined Instructors Academy (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner talks about his recent trip to Frank Turek’s CrossExamined Instructors Academy and offers several insights on becoming a better Christian Case Maker, including tips on how to use your vocation to influence the Kingdom and how to structure an “apologetics” presentation. Jim also answers listener …

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The Evolution of Moral Truth Claims (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner discusses the possible explanations for moral truth from an evolutionary perspective. Could moral laws be the result of the evolution of our DNA or a product of sociocultural acceptance? Jim also answers listener email related to witness reliability and competing claims related to God’s nature. …

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