Investigating the Challenges Facing Young Christians

It’s been a while since I’ve simply posted a series of good blog links, but there have been a number of good posts in the past week focusing on the struggle and flight of young people from the Church. I think these are worth your time and consideration:

An Open Letter to My Evangelical Friends
Katherine Willis Pershey writes about her the relationships and experiences she had with young evangelicals growing up. She offers some great insight into the thoughts and motivations of those of us who have struggled to understand the Church culture.

Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture
Zach Nielsen does a nice job of summarizing the problem we all recognize as parents and then offering some practical steps to help us inoculate and protect our kids in the midst of the storm.

Ex-Christians: Ways to Bring Back the Leavers
If you aren’t yet familiar with Drew Dyck’s book, Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith . . . And How to Bring Them Back, this article by Steve Cable does a nice job of summarizing Dyck’s categories of young people who leave the church. This is a book everyone should own.

Why You Should Attend a Christian College – And Why You Should Not
I love John Mark Reynolds and this post is a great summary of five reasons you should attend a Christian college, followed by three reasons you should not attend a Christian college! Perhaps the best part of this article is the list of questions to ask yourself before attending any particular college at all.

So there you have it; four important recent blog posts that address the challenges facing young Christians. Young people are leaving the church faster than any other demographic. I’m an older guy (coming up on my 52nd birthday), and I’m certain that the ever shrinking percentage of self-identifying Christians is not the result of folks my age leaving the faith as much as it is young people walking away. If you’re interested in defending Christianity and making a case for the truthfulness of the Christian worldview, you’d better start recognizing the fact that young people need to be our target audience. For what it’s worth, I’ve written on this issue repeatedly. These articles may also be worthy of your attention:

Are Young People Really Leaving Christianity?

Stop Teaching Young Christians About Their Faith

It’s Time for Youth Pastors to CH.A.T. With Their Students

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