The Evidential Power of the Beginning of the Universe

Much has been said about the evidence for God’s existence that can be demonstrated and inferred from the fact that we are living in a universe that had a beginning. The “Cosmological Argument” is a powerful and useful tool that we, as Christians, ought to be familiar with as we discuss God’s existence with our skeptical friends, family members and co-workers. Today’s post highlights several recent articles that describe the argument from cosmology. Each of these articles will help you understand and refine the argument in your own mind:

PHILOSOPHY: A Powerful Tool to Show the Universe Was Created
The purpose of Intelligent Faith 315 is to give you strong and intelligent reasons, for believing and following your faith in Jesus Christ. This article includes a video that argues for the beginning of the universe by using one of the most simple but fundamental tools available to mankind: philosophy.

Dr. Frank Turek on the Evidence for Christianity
Apologia UK is a group of Christians here in the UK dedicated to sharing our faith in Jesus Christ by engaging others on a wide range of subjects related to Apologetic and Theological matters. This article features a video by Apologist Frank Turek who also routinely navigates the Cosmological Argument.

Theistic Arguments and the Necessity of God
Choosing Hats is an educational site dedicated to bringing glory to God through the explanation and demonstration of Presuppositional/Covenantal apologetics. This article explores the relationship between the Cosmological Argument and “metaphysical necessity”

Bad Objections: Nothing as a Cause of Something
Thomistic Bent is a blog written by an apologist with a degree in apologetics and philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary who works with a college apologetics ministry called Ratio Christi (www.ratiochristi.org). In this article he highlights two good videos from William Craig and an article on how modern atheists have started to redefine “nothing.”

I’ve also written about the Cosmological Argument on the PleaseConvinceMe.com website in an article entitled, Evidence for God from the Creation. In addition, my new book, Cold Case Christianity describes how the Cosmological Argument is assembled with other evidences to form a circumstantial case for God’s existence.

J. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity

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